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Petal Beauty Basic Synthetic 8 Piece Brush makeup Kit - Matte

Petal Beauty

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Petal Beauty Basic Synthetic Beauty Brush Kit contains 8 of our Professional Makeup Brushes for the face. Each brush is designed by a team of professional pros to provide flawless elegant application every time for a variety of face look with a finesse'. The shape, density and height of each brush bristles have been designed to complement the different areas and shapes of the face. These brushes features altogether an experience called easy-to-love brushes!
The Petal Beauty makeup brushes are made of superior quality material. These brushes are of elegant professional grade line of beauty tools. The flat base matte finish handle color and the material used for the ferrule is shiny, durable and stronger than the anodized aluminum ferrule and all the brushes are treated with an anti-bacterial agent on the bristles which will ensure that your skin quality is preserved. The bristles are made of exclusively designed hair tips that create a smooth application with a professional finish.
  • Face Flat Top Kabuki makeup Brush is a very unique style of brush specifically designed with perfection in mind while using foundation/buffing onto the face. It's flat and dense synthetic bristles are ideal for liquid, cream or powder products to give a flawless look with a finesse' to flat areas like forehead,cheeks and can be also used on shoulders too. (Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki, PF-G0B).
  • Face Round Top Kabuki makeup Brush is a multi-purpose extra soft brush for face which is gentle on the skin and can be used with liquid/powder/cream products, foundation, cheek blush/contour application. Also is ideal for buffing cream or mineral foundations into the skin with it's fluffy round dense high quality synthetic bristles which can help blend with precision with full coverage and is easy to clean. (Round Top Synthetic Kabuki, PF-GBB).
  • Face Angled Top Kabuki makeup Brush has soft angled bristles for applying and blending all over the face/cheek to give a natural glow with a flawless finish. Use with cream, powder and liquid products and are easy to clean. (Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki, PF-GDB).
  • Face Tapered Top Kabuki makeup Brush is a multi-purpose brush for face and is gentle on the skin because of it's tapered extra soft high quality synthetic brisltes which makes it easy to move around the contours of the face with precision and less product is absorbed into the brush. Can be used with foundation, cheek blush, contour application, liquid, powder, cream products, apply concealer, cream, mineral foundations and are very easy to clean. (Sythetic Tapered Kabuki, PF-GEB).
  • Face Flat Precision makeup Brush is ideal for application with liquid, cream eye color products and various powder products with its smooth, round, soft bristles. It's rounded flat tip gives you a precise application with liquid or cream concealers along with lifting areas of the face giving an elegant blushing effect. Helps in covering spots,blemishes and dark areas under the eyes and around the nose to give a flawless look. (Precision Flat, PP-G0B).
  • Face Round Precision makeup Brush can be used with wet or dry products very precisely on the sides of the nose or hollow areas of the cheek with it's soft, small, dense angled bristles as it is very absorbent to give a professional elegant look. (Precision Round, PP-GBB).
  • Face Angled Precision makeup Brush is a small dense brush angled to fit the contours of your face to give a precised application to the structure of the face shape. It can also be used to apply base/primer to the eyelids. Also can be used with foundations to blend smoothly with quite an ease for full coverage. (Precision Angled, PP-GDB).
  • Face Tapered Precision makeup Brush is quite an innovative brush with a tapered, small dense bristle to precisely apply all types of concealers around nose, eyes, chin and mouth which are harder to reach areas. (Precision Tapered, PP-GEB).
Color: Matte Black
Dimension Individual Brushes:
PF-G0B - 6 in. (15.24 cm)
PF-GBB - 6.19 in. (15.72 cm)
PF-GDB - 6.38 in. (16.2 cm)
PF-GEB - 6.81 in. (17.3 cm)
PP-G0B - 7.12 in. (18.08 cm)
PP-GBB - 7 in. (17.9 cm)
PP-GDB - 7.19 in. (18.26 cm)
PP-GEB - 7.44 in. (18.89 cm)
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